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For more information about caring for your loved one and services in our area, consider contacting the agencies below or contact us for more resources.


(Just clink on any link below to be redirected to Agency Page)

Peninsula Agency on Aging

Peninsula Aging and Disabilities Resource Network

Hampton Newport News Community Services Board

Virginia Division for the Aging


American Veterans National Service Foundation

E-benefits For Veterans

Dominion Physical Therapy

Complete Guide for Veteran Seniors by the National Council for Aging Care

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As caregivers to your loved ones who need assistance with their daily needs, it’s important that you take care of yourself as well. We provide trainings, free consultations and other support services for caregivers. Contact us for a list of Caregiver Support Groups in your city and view the self-care tips below as well. When you are healthy and happy, you can insure that your loved one is comfortable and receives the best care possible.

Caregiver Self-care Tips:

    • Create a schedule you can live with that establishes routines that help you manage ALL of your responsibilities.
    • Balance your life with personal activities that excite and refresh you.
    • Feel free to let go of activities that are low on your list of priorities, to help you manage your time well, as long as the activities you drop are not those that are important to YOU.
    • Try to leave work on time each day, making allowance for working late on very rare occasions only.
    • If you work at home, set a work schedule and stick to it. When you reach the end of your scheduled day, stop working. This includes home management tasks as well. Schedule them in for specific times and stop doing them when that time has elapsed.
    • Be sure to take your lunch break and other available breaks throughout the day. If you are able to take breaks outside or drive to a different location, try to do so often. A change of scenery can be very refreshing.
    • Be sure to include physical activity in your schedule, even if it is just a walk around the block or gardening. This is not only good for your physical health, but also your emotional health.
    • Cultivate relationships outside of your family responsibilities, such as friendships and associations, so that you will have social outlets that further contribute to your emotional health.
    • Keep a journal or take up a form of artistic expression that will help you to sort out and release your emotions.
    • Take good care of your body: rest well at night and eat well-balanced meals that may include vitamin supplements.
    • Care for your loved one in a way that you know they would like to be cared for. This will give you small victories you can celebrate.
    • Release yourself from guilt and negative feelings. You are only human, and caring for your loved one is a huge responsibility. The best way to care for someone else is to first take care of yourself, then care for them out of a place of rest and love.
    • Enlist support. You can’t take care of your loved one alone, and you can’t keep yourself healthy without support. Ask for help, receive the help and let people know when you are struggling.
    • Enjoy this time with your loved one. You never know how special it is to them as well.